Singer in a Roadhouse Band CD coverSinger in a Roadhouse Band

Twelve songs written or co-written by Mandy, also one each by Blaze Foley, Calvin Russell and Bessie Smith.

Recorded in Los Angeles and Austin with guests including Brian Glascock, Champ Hood, Earl Poole Ball, Tommy Taylor, Dave Pearlman, Billy Block and others. This album WON the Academy of Texas Music "Award of Distinction" -- a new category decided entirely by audience votes throughout Texas, the US and the world.

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Run Out of Darkness

Mandy’s album, "Run Out of Darkness" Album features Ray Wylie Hubbard, Shake Russell, Dana Cooper, Champ Hood and other special guests, with the band, Tommy Taylor, Andy Salmon, Marvin Dykhuis, Chip Dolan and Ben Cocke.

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Wild Dreams of the Shy Boys

Wild Cantinas, 2001, featuring Shake Russell, Dana Cooper, Gurf Morlix, Ian McLagan, Champ Hood, Marvin Dykhuis, Glenn Fukunaga, Tommy Taylor and Beth Galiger. Bonus track with the late great Donald Lindley.

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Tapestry: the Music of Carole King

Zachary Scott Theater 2000 (theatrical performance with film) (onscreen interviews, finale)


Second Helpings

Threadgill's Troubadours, Watermelon Records, 1997. The legendary Threadgill's Troubadours recorded this album live on Walter Hyatt's birthday. Guest performers include Walter, Sarah Elizabeth Campbell, Tish Hinojosa, Gary Primich, Toni Price and Mandy Mercier as guests of Champ’s Troubadours, Champ Hood, Marvin Dykhuis, David Heath and Ron Erwin, plus Rich Brotherton, Darcie Deaville and others.


Mandy Mercier Live

Wild Cantinas, 1994, Live performance on KUT-Austin with Larry Monroe. Band includes Ron Erwin, drums, Roy Heinrich, bass, Danny Young, rub board and Casper Rawls, guitar. Cuts include "Eight Ball" by Calvin Russell, "Got Me Goin''" by Bessie Smith, and Mercier originals from "Forgiveness and Rage."


Country Music Video Magazine, Volume IV,” (music magazine in video format with live footage, interviews, etc. recorded in Los Angeles 1991) BMG, Blockbuster chains dist., 1991-94


Forgiveness and Rage

Wild Cantinas, 1992, Album recorded in Los Angeles and Austin and released 1992 following Mandy's award as "Female Vocalist of the Year" by the LA Chapter of the California CMA, induction into Academy of Country Music and performance at SXSW televised on Austin Music Network. Guests include Marvin Dykhuis, Champ Hood, Rick Turner, Brian Glascock of the Motels, and Earl Poole Ball.


Mandy as band member:

For the Roses: A Tribute to Al Grierson,” Steve Brooks and Mandy Mercier, Frog Records, Wild Cantinas Records, 2005

Larkin’s Daydream,” Larkin’s Daydream, the band with Ben Pensiero, Jeff Westbrook & Mandy Mercier, 2002 (also recorded and performed on “LiveSet,” KUT-FM, 2003)

Hard Ride,” Misery Loves Co. 1986, Ray Wylie Hubbard & the Love Wolves. (Includes Mandy's song "Back in Love with the Night", later re-recorded by Ray Wylie) with Willie Nelson, Bugs Henderson, Mandy Mercier, Christine Albert, Johnny Gimble, produced by Andy Salmon at Willie Nelson's Pedernales Studio (unreleased).

Caught in the Act: Live at Soap Creek Saloon,” Misery Loves Co. (vinyl), 1984, Ray Wylie Hubbard & the Love Wolves, with Bugs Henderson and Mandy Mercier, features Mandy singing "Stand by Me" (shuffle version arr. Bugs Henderson) [heavy airplay in Dallas, Houston and Austin 1984-86]


Sample Studio Work – Guest Appearances and Compilations

If I Could Only Fly,” a Blaze Foley Tribute, Borderdreams Records, Escorial, Spain, 2005 (box set with CDs, DVDs and live footage)

"Oval Room" by Blaze Foley, Lost Art Records November 2004.
Guest vocal along with Gurf Morlix, Tejana Dames, Lost John Casner and many others. Blaze lives ...

Juxtamusician,” Halt Music, 2003, Featuring Mandy along with Troy Campbell, Lisa Mednick, Michael Packer, Sandy Allen, Kim Longacre, Tawnya LoRae and other great artists (too many to list!!) Mandy's cut is "Lies," featuring Ben Cocke, guitar and vocals, Dave Somers, guitar and vocals and Keith Newberry, drums, produced by Rick DeLellis and Michael Adams with Mandy. Thanks to Michael Adams of Halt Music (also see "Juxtaposition," below).

Songs For Blaze, A Friend Of Ours” [BFI Volume #4] Deep South Productions, 2002, Mandy wrote and performs these songs:
"Poison Man" - Lead Vocals, Guitar; "Love Is A Comet" - Lead Vocals, Guitar; also, "Straight To The Heart" by Lost John Casner - Backup Vocals
Other Artists on Volume #4 - Townes Van Zandt, Richard Dobson. John Casner, Pat Belen, Lucinda Williams

Blaze Foley Inside” [BFI Volume #3] Deep South Productions, 2000
Featuring Gurf Morlix, Ponty Bone, Jon Emery, Cody Hubach, Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard and Mandy Mercier ("Girl Scout Cookies" Girls' Choir)

In Tribute and Loving Memory (A Tribute to Blaze Foley),” [BFI Volume #1] Deep South Productions, 1998, features Mandy on:
"My Reasons Why" - Lead Vocals, Fiddle, Guitar
"Big Cheeseburgers" - Vocals, Fiddle
"Our Little Town" - Vocals
Other Artists on Volume #1 - Townes Van Zandt, Timbuk 3, Jubal Clark, Kimmie Rhodes, Texana Dames

Are We There Yet?” Rusty Wier, 1997 (guest fiddle track by Mandy)

Juxtaposition,” Halt Music 1996, Compilation album featuring Mandy Mercier along with The Subdudes, Kim Longacre, Laura Pelligrino, Michael Packer, Tawnya LoRae, Linda Freeman Lozano,
And others.

Listen to Your Heart,” Roy Heinrich, Stockade Records, 1995 (harmony vocals by Mandy)