Mandy Mercier
Mandy was in a serious car accident this summer and sustained a head injury.
Her drivers license is on hold but she hopes to be back soon — and releasing the new CD at last!!

Mandy's song, "Beautiful World" was selected by John Conquest,
3rd Coast Music Magazine as one of "50 Cool Songs" on his list of "Essentials" from Texas. — Thank you John!!

Columnist Gerrit Tunis of the Dutch music magazine "Herbergkrant" has chosen Mandy's song, "Homeless" as one of the Top 20 songs about the issue.
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"Dynamo Mandy Mercier ... Wonderful, nonstop, Mandy Mercier ... she plays with her entire body, and sings with her whole soul ... The fans who spent the evening queuing up breathlessly for Golden Smog or Liz Phair missed a bet ... gravel and honey-voiced Mandy Mercier ... sang sweetly as the lowriders and pickups that constitute South Austin's blue collar rush hour rumbled ... who knows, maybe next year Mercier will be packin' 'em in and 8,000 people can claim they saw her ... " 
– Austin American-Statesman

"Fiery Lone Star chanter – tightly whipped blues and particularly choice country rock – she's been called a petite keg of dynamite, Mandy Mercier, an Austin, Texas expatriate who was consistently, positively drooled over in her hometown press"
 – LA Weekly

"Like her peer, Lucinda Williams, Mandy Mercier's stock in trade is songs of the heart -- broken or strong -- and she can deliver them with the kind of performance that stays with you long after the last note has faded" 
– Austin Chronicle

Mandy Mercier by Brenda Ladd
Photo by Brenda Ladd

A longtime member of Austin's legendary music scene, Mandy Mercier's resume is as impressive as her live performances. Mercier burns up the stage with her fiery vocals and raw, original songs.

Singer in a Roadhouse Band CD cover
CD Cover photo by Brenda Ladd

Singer In A Roadhouse Band

Released during SXSW 2010

Mandy Mercier offers her first release since 2006 and it’s a gem. Her all-out style is laden with blues, roadhouse, jazz, country, folk, and rock, all wrapped in an entertaining set of over-the-speed-limit Texas tunes. Mercier is the primary composer, covering only three and co-writing a couple. This talented Texan is as much at home singing ballads in a lounge-singer setting as she is banging out raucous anthems on a rock festival stage. Versed in guitar and fiddle, Mercier assembles a respected list of pickers for this project, recording in four different studios and including tracks recorded live on KUT in Austin. The physical project is complete with liner notes and photos of Mercier at different stages of her career, including a photo with Leland Sklar, making her the envy of most Texas bass guitarists. Appearing on the album are greats like Champ Hood and Dan Earhart, plus more names you would know, but will have to buy the album to see. This fifteen cut treasure is a testament to Mercier’s stability in the Texas music world. Songs that reflect life, invoke strong memories, and iterate dreams are the order on this disc. It’s entertaining from start to finish with no filler, no auto-tune, no drum tracks, and lots of smiles while singing. (you can tell by listening, yes you can) This is the way a Texas album should be recorded; an artist, surrounded by musicians she trusts to adopt her vision of each song. The arrangements are stellar and Mercier’s performances are her best yet. The vocal work on this album is clearly Mercier, with no frills and no attempts to be a pop star. Mandy lays it all out there and sings directly to you. It’s exactly what you wish every artist would do. Mercier sees each release as a gift to her audience, and with this album, she’s given her most prized gift ever. The album’s best cut might be “You Were The One.” It sounds as if Mandy is approaching the tune as if it’s the last song she’s ever going to sing to you and she wants you to remember it forever. I think you will.

— by Lucky Boyd, MY TEXAS MUSIC


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